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3mm Premium Wetsuit Gloves


3mm Premium Wetsuit Gloves Description 

The 3mm Wetsuit Gloves offer a great balance between flexibility and warmth. The purposeful design and materials used means the gloves offer protection from Cold sea’s, whilst not impacting on flexibility and comfort.

The 3mm Wetsuit Gloves are exclusively made from a 4-way Mega Stretch Lime Stone neoprene which features fully sealed seams that are glued, blind stitched (GBS) and LQS taped on the outside.

Features Of The 3mm Wetsuit Gloves

  • Premium 4-way stretch neoprene [Limestone Calcaire]
  • Non slip palm
  • Fully triple-glued, blind stitched (GBS) and liquid tape
  • Suggested water temperatures of 5°C - 14°C / 41°F - 57°F

3mm Wetsuit Gloves Usage Conditions  

The 3mm Wetsuit Gloves have been tried and tested in water temperatures from 8°C plus and are ideal for challenging Winter Surfs across many locations in Europe.

3mm Wetsuit Gloves benefits 

The 3mm Wetsuit Gloves have been designed with a simplistic and minimal palm design for grip. This combined with the use of 3mm Mega Stretch “V” Foam neoprene ensures that the weight and the impact of wearing gloves is kept to a minimum.

An outer LQS seam is applied to the GBS seams to improve the durability and performance of the seam.

Why The needessentials 3mm Wetsuit Gloves could be Perfect For You? 

If you are looking to Surf in cold to cool waters and want a good 3mm mega stretch glove with no fuss then the needessentials 3mm Wetsuit Glove will offer all that you need for a fraction of the cost.