Mens 4/3 Hooded Fast Dry Chest Zip Wetsuit
Mens 4/3 Hooded Fast Dry Chest Zip Wetsuit

Mens 4/3 Hooded Fast Dry Chest Zip Wetsuit


  • Premium 4-way stretch neoprene [Limestone Calcaire]
  • Fast drying thermal lining
  • Chest Zip YKK™ metal Zip
  • Fully triple-glued, blind stitched (GBS) and taped
  • Sealed cuffs [LQS Liquid]
  • Durable 4-Way Stretch Kneepads
  • Hood Adjustable opening
  • Internal Key loops
  • Suggested water temperatures of 12°C / 51°F
  • MODEL SIZE: Torren is 188cm Tall (6'2"), Weight 80kg and is wearing a size Large Tall Wetsuit




    Mens 4/3 Hooded Fast Dry chest zip wetsuit description


    The mens 4/3 Hooded Fast Dry Chest Zip Wetsuit is designed for warmth without comprising the flexibility of an Autumn/Winter Wetsuit. 4-Way mega stretch neoprene is used throughout the wetsuit and attached hood for ultimate flexibility and the sealed seams are fully glued, blind stitched and taped for strength, function and durability. 

    A high pile fast dry thermal lining is used throughout the torso, back and thighs of the wetsuit to enhance the thermal properties of the neoprene and ensure the wearer is kept warm whatever the conditions. The hood can be worn up or down and by being attached to the wetsuit provides enhanced heat retention by protecting the head and neck. The hood has an adjustable opening and peak to deflect water from running down the face of the wearer. 


    Mens 4/3 Hooded Fast Dry Chest Zip Wetsuit Usage Conditions 


    Tried and tested in Autumn and Winter Swell across the globe the Mens 4/3 Fast Dry Wetsuit is suitable in water temperatures from 12°C plus. 

    The hood can be worn as intended up or on those warmer days down and still offers a good seal. 

    The wetsuit can be combined with boots and gloves for a complete winter look in the coldest of conditions. 


    Mens 4/3 Hooded Fast Dry chest zip wetsuit benefits  


    The men’s 4/3 Hooded Fast Dry Chest Zip Wetsuit is made from 4mm Mega Stretch “V” Foam neoprene and has an attached hood with adjustable face aperture and peak. The Hood has been tailored to fit the head without impacting on sight and flexibility and offers enhanced thermal retention when worn up in the coldest of conditions. 

    The Chest, Back and thigh panels of the wetsuit feature a high pile thermal lining that wicks water more quickly than typical jerseys and dries more quickly post surf when compared to traditional wetsuit materials. This Fast Dry lining helps to enhance the thermal properties of the 4mm neoprene. 

    Such as found on all needessentials wetsuit models, the 4/3 Hooded Fast Dry Chest Zip Wetsuit also features sealed seams that are fully glued, blind stitched and taped. The Wrist and Ankle cuffs are also held secure with LQS banding.  


    Why the needessentials Mens 4/3 Hooded Fast dry chest zip wetsuit Could be Perfect For You?  


    The 4/3 Hooded Fast Dry Chest Zip Wetsuit has been designed for Surfers who are seeking a Winter wetsuit that offers warmth but maximum flexibility. 

    The 4mm Neoprene and attached Hood combined with the Fast Dry thermal lining offers a fantastic balance of this unrestricted flexibility vs warmth and can allow the surfer to use the wetsuit throughout a wide range of water temperatures and weather conditions with the Hood up or down.