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6mm Premium Wetsuit Boots


6mm Premium Wetsuit Boots Description

The 6mm Wetsuit Boots offers a great balance between flexibility and warmth. The purposeful design and materials used means the boots offer warmth and protection from the Coldest sea’s, whilst not impacting on flexibility and comfort.

The 6mm Wetsuit Boots are exclusively made from a 4-way Mega Stretch Lime Stone neoprene which features fully sealed seams that are glued, blind stitched (GBS) and taped.

The Split Toe design prevents the boot from rotating under foot and offers great flexibility. An easy on loop is positioned near the heel to assist with the entry and exit of the product and a secure Arch strap holds the foot firmly in position. 

Features Of The 6mm Wetsuit Boots 

  • Premium 4-way stretch neoprene [Limestone Calcaire]
  • Fully triple-glued, blind stitched (GBS) and taped
  • Essential Polypro Fleece
  • Non slip sole
  •  Adjustable Strap
  • Pull on strap
  • Suggested water temperatures of 5°C - 9°C / 41°F - 48°F

6mm Wetsuit Boots Usage Conditions  

The 6mm Wetsuit Boots have been tried and tested in water temperatures from 4°C plus and are ideal for Northern European Autumn and Winter Adventures or those who enjoy toastie toes.

6mm Wetsuit Boots benefits 

The 6mm Wetsuit Boots have been designed to offer warmth and comfort the coldest of conditions. The 6mm neoprene offers enhanced thermal properties over thin boots and A simplistic double soul design and tread pattern ensures grip without impacting too heavily on the feel under foot. The use of 6mm Mega Stretch “V” Foam neoprene ensures that the weight of the boot is kept to a minimum and performance maximized.

A Split Toe design, combined with tailored soul panels and a secure Arch strap reduce the movement of the foot and prevent the rolling of the boot ensuring comfort and security is guaranteed.

Why The needessentials 6mm Wetsuit Boots Could be Perfect For You? 

If you are looking to Surf in Frigid to Cold waters and want a solid 6mm Wetsuit Boot with secure Arch Strap and Split Toe design. The needessentials 6mm Wetsuit Boots will offer all that you need for a fraction of the cost.