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19" Grey Lightweight Board Shorts


19” Grey Lightweight  Board Shorts Description  

The 19” Lightweight Grey Board Short offers a clean design with a modern tailored length that is finished with a straight hem on the knee.  

The 19” Lightweight Grey Board Short is constructed from a light-weight 4-way super stretch fabric that still features the anti-rash needessential Dobby Weave. This material is lighter than other needessentials board short models and is an ideal travel short that can be rolled and stored within its own pocket for minimum travel space. Multiple eyelets on the board short offer the ability to adjust the waist band to achieve the perfect fit whether the shorts are wet or dry and a technical Aqua Guard zip pocket on the side of the 19” Lightweight Grey Board Shorts offers valuable and secure storage. 


Features of The 19” Grey Lightweight Board Shorts  

  • PREMIUM LIGHTWEIGHT 4-WAY SUPER STRETCH FABRIC- “is used throughout to offer maximum comfort, minimum weight and ultimate flexibility”. 
  • TECHNICAL DOBBY WEAVE – “traps air between the stretch fabric and skin minimizing the risk of developing a rash or mild skin abrasion whilst wet”. 
  • 19” STRAIGHT LEG CUT- “not too long and not to short, the Straight hem is a classic design”. 
  • MULTIPLE EYELETS- “simple additional waist band holes for the draw string closure, offer the ability to improve the fit and security of the shorts whether they are wet or dry”. 
  • AQUA GUARD YKK ZIPPED SIDE POCKET- “Self-draining pocket discretely positioned on the side of the board short for improved security and general storage- it can double to self-store the Lightweight Board Short for travel”. 
  • NO EXTERNAL PRINTING- “why pay for printing on the outside when it will not enhance the performance of the product!” 
  • NO SWING TAG’s or EXCESS PACKAGING- “an excess and expense that offers no benefit to the performance of the product and uses further resources with little to no return or benefit”. 


19” Grey Lightweight Board Shorts Usage Conditions   

The 19” Grey Lightweight Board Short is an ideal travel board short that is super lightweight and mega flexible, with a 4-way super stretch dobby weave fabric that minimizes rashes and rubs.  

19” Grey Lightweight Board Shorts benefits  

The 19” Grey Lightweight Board Short offers unrestricted movement thanks to being made in a 4-way super stretch material. The Dobby Weave within this fabric maximizes the comfort offered by trapping air and allowing the material to freely pass over the skin avoiding irritation through rubbing even when wet. The high low design also helps to improve the rate at which the shorts dry. 

The Adjustability of the waist band on the 19” Grey Lightweight Board Shorts, means that comfort and security can always be achieved whether you are in the tropics surfing or simply at the gym working on cardio. 

The discrete Aqua Guard Side pocket is ideal to hold those small valuable items and can fit the entire short within for a compact travel solution 

Why The 19” Grey Lightweight Board Shorts could be Perfect For You?  

If you are looking for a lightweight, performance Board Short that is timeless in its design without all the fancy graphics and bright colours, yet still all the premium features such as un-restrictive stretch, comfort and anti-rash, then look no further than the 19” Grey Lightweight Board Short, it will offer all that you need.