Model Wetsuit Sizes

Want to get a better insight into the wetsuit thats right for you? Here's a visual breakdown of our wetsuit models and the sizes they were in order to provide some visual guidance on what wetsuit size would best suit you.

Model Wetsuit Size 1 (Torren)

Torren is 188cm Tall (6,2") , Weights 80kg and is wearing a  Large Tall Wetsuit 

needessentials 6/5/4 winter wetsuit


Model Wetsuit Size 2 (Laurie)

Laurie  is 185.5cm Tall (6,1") , Weights 83kg and is wearing a  Large Wetsuit 

Model Wetsuit Size 3 (Drew)

Drew  is 170cm Tall (5,7") , Weights 62kg and is wearing a  Small Wetsuit 

Mens summer shorty wetsuit


Model Wetsuit Size 4 (Joe)

Joe is 188cm Tall (6,2") , Weights 82kg and is wearing a  Size large 


Model Wetsuit Size 5 (Sana)

Sana is 174cm Tall (5,9") , Weights 63kg and is wearing a  Size Eight 


needessentials Womens 4/3 Wetsuit

Model Wetsuit Size 5 (Aasiya)

Aasiya is 172cm Tall (5,8") , Weights 60kg and is wearing a  Size Eight 

Womens 3/2 chest zip wetsuit


Model Wetsuit Size 6 (mascha)

Aasiya is 171cm Tall (5,8") , Weights 58kg and is wearing a  Size Eight 

womens wetsuits