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Womens 2mm Premium Long Arm Front Zip Spring


Womens2mm Premium Long Arm Front Zip Spring Wetsuit Description  

New for 2020 is the Womens2mm Premium Long Arm Front Zip Spring Wetsuit ideal for High Summer Sessions. 

Made exclusively from a 4-way Mega Stretch Limestone neoprene, the 1.5mm Premium Long Arm Front Zip Spring Wetsuit featuresFlatlock seams that are flexible and hardwearing. 

The 2mm neoprene thickness offers a great balance of flexibility, warmth and sun protection for high summer sessions and the Short Leg design of the wetsuit is timeless. 

Features of The Womens2mm Premium Long Arm Front Zip Spring Wetsuit  

  • Premium 4-way stretch neoprene [Limestone Calcaire] 
  • Front Zip YKK™ metal Zip 
  • Flatlock seams 
  • Open Glide Skin Collar for comfort 
  • Suggested water temperatures of 18°C / 65°F plus 

Women's 2mm Premium Long Arm Front Zip Spring Wetsuit Usage Conditions   

The Womens2mm Premium Long Arm Front Zip Spring Wetsuit has been tried and tested in water temperatures from 18°C plus and is ideal for high summer surfs of stand-up paddle boarding, where a full wetsuit is too warm. 

Women's 2mm Premium Long Arm Front Zip Spring Wetsuit benefits  

The Womens2mm Premium Long Arm Front Zip Spring Wetsuit offers maximum flexibility and mobility particularly in the Legs, whilst allowing the body to better retain its core heat. 

The entire wetsuit is made with 2mm Mega Stretch “V” Foam limestone neoprene and is constructed with a strong flatlock stitch. 

An open Glide Skin collar offers exceptional comfort and the combination of the short legs and front zip are timeless in design and make the wetsuit quick and easy to put on. 

Why the needessentialswomens2mm Premium Long Arm Front Zip Spring Wetsuit could be Perfect for You?   

If you are looking to Surf or paddle at the height of summer or in warm waters and want ultimate flexibility with no fuss, then the womens2mm Premium Essential Long Arm Front Zip Spring Wetsuit will offer all that you need for a fraction of the cost. 

Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12