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3 Piece Surfboard Traction Pad


3-Piece Surfboard traction pad description  

The needessentials 3-Piece Surfboard Tail pad is a premium surfboard accessory, manufactured by a leading factory. 

needessentials only use the best materials and manufactures to create our products. We do away with anything that does not contribute to the way a product performs and for this reason we can provide surfboard accessories at a fair price and minimal fuss. 

Features Of The 3-Piece Surfboard traction pad 

  • 3-piece pad 
  • 5mm arch
  • Diamond Design Traction Surface 
  • Medium kick with bevelled corners to minimize drag 
  • Premium quality EVA 
  • Premium 3M Adhesive backing, which has superior bond strength and the highest salt resistance 

3-Piece Surfboard traction pad benefits  

A 3-piece classically designed Traction Pad that is constructed from premium EVA and backed with a strong 3M adhesive. The 3-piece surfboard tail pad has a diamond designed surface to ensure the surfers foot is securely positioned between the high and low points and the centre arch offers a greater lock into a set position. The Medium tail kick features bevelled corners that help to reduce the drag that can be experienced on the tail edge of the surfboard.  

Being separated into 3-pieces this surfboard traction pad design allows for greater adjustability to cater for a wide range of surfboard tail designs and widths. 

Why  the needessentials 3-Piece Surfboard traction pad Could be Perfect For You?  

The needessentials 3-piece Traction Pad offers a high-performance level of grip and is timeless in its Black and classic design. The premium materials and workmanship offer great value for money and {only what you need} from a surfboard traction pad.