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needessentials Surfboard Twin Fin


Surfboard Twin Fin Description

The needessentials Twin Fin is available in Medium or Large templates and have been designed by Torren Martyn in association with his friend and master craftsman Simon Jones of Morning of the Earth Surfboards.

All needessentials surfboard fins are individually hand foiled from laminated fibre glass offering superior performance compared to moulded fins. Typically, greater speed, drive and hold are achieved due to the increased rigidity and more progressive flex pattern a laminated and hand foiled surfboard fin can offer.

Features of the needessentials Twin Fin

  • Premium 6oz hand foiled fibre glass - High tensile 6oz fibre glass (38 x Layers)
  •  Individually Hand foiled and wet rubbed
  •  Single Tab base (compatible with Futures box)
  • Matt black finish
  • Available in Medium and Large Templates

Why needessentials Twin Fin could be good for you?

If you are looking for a surfboard fin to generate speed, but still offer release in your Twin Fin when the conditions are marginal (1-5ft) then Torren recommends the Medium Twin Fin template which he will typically pair with his small M.O.T.E surfboards.

However, if the waves have more push and energy (4ft plus) then the Large template can offer the drive and hold to make the next section and is what you will see Torren riding when he visits Cloudbreak and alike.