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needessentials 9” Raked Surfboard Fin


needessentials 9” Raked Surfboard Fin Description

The needessentials 9” Raked surfboard fin was created in unison by Ryan Scanlon (needessentials founder) and master craftsman Simon Jones of Morning of the Earth Surfboards.

Produced from a minimum of 45 layers of Fibreglass these are hand foiled surfboard fins, optimise the flex progression from the stiff base to the more flexible and narrower tip, offering a surf fin with lots of drive and yet good release; ideal in Hull designs and mid-length mals.


Features of the needessentials 9” Raked Surfboard Fin

  • Premium 6oz hand foiled fibre glass - High tensile 6oz fibre glass (45 x Layers)
  • Individually Hand foiled and wet rubbed
  • Single US fin base (plate and screw included as standard??)
  • Matt black finish
  • Available 9” Designs

 Why the needessentials 9” Raked Surfboard Fin could be good for you?

If you are looking for a performance single fin that offers good glide and yet progressive turns then the 9” Raked surfboard fin should meet your need- the stiff base and raked deign (sweep) offers great drive, whilst the narrow/low volume tip means that direction changes can be made with simple weighting over the tail or fin.