needESSENTIALS is not a brand - we are a supply network, we make premium wetsuits and wetsuit accessories for fraction of the price.

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Intro to needessentials Wetsuits.

Ryan Scanlon originally founded needessentials with a men’s 3/2 wetsuit and the black basic board short. The concept was simple, to offer a premium wetsuits and wetsuit accessories that are essential and timeless for surfing and doesn’t over complicate the product requirement.

needessentials is a different kind of company, and more a supply network. By letting go of things like branding, packaging, and retail mark ups that only add to the price of a product or wetsuit and serves no function at all to its performance, needessentials can make premium wetsuits and surf products more accessible to surfers. needessentials is not about wasting resources on what is not important, the concept is to have less but to have what is well made, what is premium, what is timeless and useful at its core. 
needessentials wetsuits and wetsuit accessories are made using the best developers, materials, components and manufacturers available and are committed to keeping you warm and comfortable in the water, for less.  We know you can pay less for quality when the quality is all you are paying for, this way, what surfers can save by buying only what is needed in a wetsuit, they can spend on what is important in their own lives.
We Make Wetsuits and surf accessories that are reliable, durable, flexible and warm. What more do you need? 

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